Almond Harvesting Service

Trees in the Orchard

Almendros has over 30 years of experience in the harvesting of almonds.

Coordinated Harvesting

We specialize in streamlining your nut harvest. We coordinate with our customers' schedules to optimize the harvest operation. Our team uses  modern machinery. We use Orchard Rite side mount shakers to remove the nuts from the trees. We allow the nuts to dry for the optimum period of time before sweeping and picking them up. We usually pickup the nuts after 7 to 10 days from shaking to ensure as much allowable moisture as possible (5%). We make sure they are promptly hauled to the designated sheller for processing. We also provide winter sanitation services of shaking and sweeping unwanted mummies for control of NOW.

Contact us to ensure a fast and simple way to harvest your almonds with our services.