Our Core Services

Enhance the productivity of your nut farm with the help of Almendros of Wasco, California. Our professionals offer complete tree pruning, weed, and pest control services for your convenience.

Orchard Spraying

Our technicians apply insecticides, nutirients and fungicides to control the pests for your almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. We pride ourselves on making precise and well calibrated applications to aid in the growing of our customers' crops. Speed of machine, direction of nozzles, placement of nozzles and proper mixing are closely supervised.

Tractor in Orchard

Weed Control
We are able to provide strip and solid spraying of orchard floors to control vegetation that competes for water and nutrients and obstructs harvesting operations.

Pruning your trees helps the crops to grow. Our specialists use  hydraulic power saws and tower pruners in order to reach high limbs with ease. We assess your trees and discuss the short and long-term benefits what needs to be pruned. Through experience we have seen the long-term benficial resultsof making good choices of what to prune out of the trees.

Brush Removal
Burning tree limbs is no longer a legal practice in our area. Our team removes your brush from the harvesting area through shredding or chipping services. The chips can be used for dust control, left in the field, or we can haul it to the power plant to be used to generate renewable electricity.

We also help dispose of wind-blown trees by chipping or shredding the brush from those trees.

Contact us for pest control and tree pruning services to enhance the output of your nut farm.