Vast Array Of Soil Amendments

Help your crops continue to grow with the nutrient-filled soil amendments from Almendros  We offer comprehensive soil amendment services to ensure that you can maximize the potential of the soil and make your farm prosper.

Soil Amendments

Our professionals are brokering materials such as gypsum, sulfur, lime, dolomite, compost, and manure as well as a gypsum-sulfur blend for your crops. We find your specific soil amendments from our suppliers. We work with the growers' consultants on what type of products to use as well as directly with our customers. Simply call us and we'll fulfill your needs by locating, ordering and lining up transportation for delivery to your site. As well, we can coordinate someone to apply the product.

Cost-Effective Gypsum
We specialize in two types of gypsum products. One is 50% gypsum and the other is 95% gypsum. There are advantages to both kind depending on location, type of application and crop. Please see the cost comparison below. For more information on these products please go to

Example: Desire 1 Ton Per Acre  Of 100% Gypsum
50% 75%


Tons Required Per Acre 2 1.33 1.05
Cost/Ton/Delivered & Spread $36.45 $65.50 $81.00
Cost Per Acre Finished $72.90 $87.12 $85.05

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